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I was brought here as a healer and I believe life takes a village. Often we think we can handle things on our own and struggle with asking for help but that shouldn't be the case. We need to work together as a team. We don't have to carry the world on our shoulders. I am prepared to share the weight and work with your family to make your birth experience a beautiful story in your journey of life. 

I love to learn and grow. I believe life gives us experiences to make us stronger and wiser. Lets guide each other into wisdom and share our stories. 

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and currently reside in Bonney Lake, Washington with my supportive husband. We’ve been madly in love for 8 years and our journey together, while heartbreaking at times, has led me to find my calling as a doula. Growing up I said I wanted to be a “baby doctor” but as I got older, that just didn’t seem fitting.  I finished school with a Medical Assisting Certificate and decided to stay working as an office manager for a successful private optometry clinic. I’ve worked in the field of giving the gift of sight for 14 years and while I enjoyed my job, it didn't speak to my soul. I am a giver, a creator, a researcher. I love to learn and explore how our bodies work.  For fun, I read books like “How to Conceive Naturally”, “Body in Balance”, “Energy Medicine” and “Taking Charge of Your Fertility.”  Partially because this hits home for me, and partially because I’m an organic nerd.

Five years ago, my husband and I had our first miscarriage.  While this was excruciating, it was the start of my real journey. I knew there were two paths I could take: I could suffer and let myself fall deep into the darkness, or I could find light in what were the hardest days of my life. I’m not going to lie, I did both. This was when I decided to go to school for medical assisting and considered working at a women’s clinic. I wanted to make a difference and be there for other women.  They say that miscarriage is “so common” … but why?! I wanted to know why.

In 2014, I decided to get a 3 year IUD.  My husband and I were getting married and we wanted to buy a house and work on our careers.  Three years would give us a great chunk of time as a married couple before we started a family. A month and half after the IUD was placed, I started having horrible pains and found out that it had embedded itself into my uterus and had it removed.  A few days later, I ended up in the ER, only to find out that I had an ectopic pregnancy. After being administered medication to “naturally” end the pregnancy, it in fact caused the baby to double in size in a matter of 24 hours and I ended up in emergency surgery where my fallopian tube had to be removed. This was yet another bump in my fertility road. And again, I had those same two choices. And again... I did both.  But the darkness didn’t last as long this time.  I learned to appreciate life in a whole new light.

Three years ago, we decided to start trying to conceive and were lucky to succeed on the second try.  We were very excited and ready for this new adventure! But it was cut short by another miscarriage.  Like I mentioned earlier, I’m a researcher. So, I had a DNA workup on both of us, seeked a fertility specialist, changed our foods, our vitamins, tried acupuncture and decided to get our bodies to a healthy place so we could try again later and be prepared.  But life is funny, it has its own path already set for you and you’re just there to take the lessons and navigate your way through its timing.  

My fertility journey has taught me a great deal! And I am so very grateful to have traveled this road.  I appreciate the miracle of pregnancy and birth and all the amazing things a woman’s body can achieve. I’ve had the honor of attending 6 births prior to becoming a doula.  I’ve always said that my favorite place to be is with a woman giving birth.  Watching a baby being born into this world, a mother become a mother, and a father become a father is absolutely beautiful.  I am so blessed to have found my calling. 

Being a doula speaks to my soul.  I'm a birth bound warrior.

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